Cartoons for the first lesson about Ukraine

plusplusTV channel PlyusPlyus has prepared a series of interesting cartoons about Ukraine "This is ours and this is yours" for children, which can be involved by teachers in conducting the first lesson for elementary school students. The project "This is ours and this is yours" includes 12 short cartoons with an original story and interesting facts about Ukraine, including "Trembita", "Dream Plane", "Map", "Gas Lamp", "The Way from the Varangians to the Greeks " and other. This is reported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Viewing the specified patriotic cartoons and discussing them together with students on the topic "What can a Ukrainian be proud of?" offered to teachers as one of the new and alternative formats of the First Lesson of the 2015/2016 academic year in primary school (MES letter No. 1/9-354 dated 07/24/2015).

1. "Trembita"

Ours is the longest musical instrument in the world. Trembita was invented for communication in the mountains, when there were no telephones yet. And they made it from a spruce that was struck by lightning. Trembita is a record holder, it is included in the Guinness book. She is 8 meters long, and weighs only one and a half kilograms, like a cat.

2. "Dream" plane

Our plane "Mriya" is the largest in the world! It is as long as a subway train and as wide as the Olympic Stadium. It can carry 50 elephants or two sperm whales. Our "Dream" is the biggest record holder of all the planes on the planet.

3. "Salt"

No person can live without salt. It is mined all over the world, and in Ukraine. Our salt reserves are the largest in Europe. And the formed salt cave became so big that they even flew in a hot air balloon. We have a lot of salt. If you sprinkle the whole planet with it, it will be covered with salt like a blanket of snow.

4. "Gas lamp"

The world's first kerosene lamp is ours. When there were no electric lamps, people used candles. Their lights were not enough to play, draw, read in the evening. Our inventor invented a lamp into which a liquid was poured - kerosene. She was bright and quickly became popular in the world.

5. "Black soil"

Ukrainian land is the most fertile in the world, because we have a quarter of all reserves of chernozem on the planet. If chernozem is properly cultivated, then the largest amount of crops grows on it. In ancient times, when the land was not cultivated, the height of the plants was so high that you could not see the rider on the horse.

6. Reserve "Askania-Nova"

In Ukraine there is a strange steppe, never plowed, wild. It is not people, but animals who rule there. And it is called the reserve "Askania-Nova". Animals from all over the world live freely there. Zebras with bison, wild Przewalski horses, rare plants, birds and insects. "Askania-Nova" is one of the oldest and most famous reserves in the world, with a unique and magical world.

7. "Schedrik"

The Ukrainian melody "Schedryk" brings Christmas mood to the whole world. "Schedryk" has been translated into various languages and is popular in many countries. This is the oldest known melody in the world. And it has been heard all over the planet for more than a hundred years.

8. "Map"

One of the oldest maps in the world found on Earth is ours! This is a map on a mammoth bone. There was a time when neither paper nor pencils existed at all. And to draw, for example, a map, the bone of a large animal and a stone were needed. Otaku map was found in Ukraine, in the settlement of ancient hunters. It depicted a river, a tree and a chimney.

9. "Frame hive"

The first frame hive is ours. A beehive is a human-made housing for bees. A very long time ago, bees lived in nests, and in order to enjoy honey, they had to be harmed. The first frame hive gave beekeepers the opportunity to take care of the bee family without interfering with its important honey business. Today, Ukraine ranks first in Europe for honey production.

10. "Singing Terraces"

The amazing "Singing Terraces" are ours. These are gardens that sing. They were designed to grow delicious heat-loving berries and fruits. And suddenly they noticed when the wind rustles the leaves and blows in the metal pipes built into the terraces - a song sounds. So the fruits ripen to a wonderful accompaniment. You get the impression that you are in a wonderful open-air theater.

11. "The path from the Varangians to the Greeks"

Ours is an important ancient trade route. When there were no steamships, trains or cars, an important trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" ran through our land. The path connected the North and the South, passed through 2 seas and 3 rivers. Merchants - people who carried goods, covered this road in a month. And they brought home fruits, jewels, spices and other curiosities.

12. "Gypsum Cave"

Ours is the longest natural gypsum cave in the world. Gypsum hardens quickly and takes any shape. It is used when building, healing, crafting, creating. This cave was created by nature. First there was the sea. Years passed, the sea dried up. The landscape was changing. The Carpathian mountains rose. The bottom of the sea sank underground, new rivers appeared. And a cave with gypsum icicles was formed. It will take at least a week to get around it! And the height of the cave is like four giraffes. Our cave is a three-time record holder in the Guinness book.

According to the material: MES of Ukraine

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