AS "Dekanat"

AS "Dekanat" is a software and technology complex for managing the educational process of an educational institution, designed to organize the work of methodologists and reduce the amount of documentation on paper media.

In the course of work of the "Dekanat" AS, other fields are added to the student's personal data, reflecting the current state of the student's studies according to the curriculum. Therefore, it is advisable to use this program in a complex with AC "Admission Commission".

Enrolled students' data are transferred in batches from the "Admissions Commission" AS. This relieves dean's office workers from having to manually enter student data. Thus, the personal card for each student is entered only once - during the submission of documents to the admissions committee, then the card only acquires additional data.

System modules

  • Students
  • Sessions
  • Journal of examination information
  • Department load
  • Human Resources Department
  • Orders
  • Session results
  • Educational plans
  • Magazine
  • Individual plan of the teacher
  • Transfer to the next school year
  • Contracts
  • Schedule

Learning process

  • Development of educational and work plans for the academic year, consolidation of educational groups according to plans;
  • Generation and restoration of working study plans according to study plans;
  • Consolidation of the contingent for the load according to the work training plans;
  • Department load: aggregation and distribution by teachers;
  • Individual work plan of the department teacher;
  • Creation of schedule, web schedule.

Work with employees

  • Personal cards and P - 2 cards;
  • Automatic change of salaries in accordance with the tariff grid;
  • University staff schedule;
  • Seniority analysis: accounting, forecasting, recording;
  • Allowances, individual salaries, additional payments;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Orders for employees;

Work with students

  • Formation of a contingent of students (import from AC "Admissions Commission", EDEBO or other automated system);
  • Automated generation of individual study plans based on working study plans, determination of academic difference;
  • Examination session, individual information;
  • Analysis of the results of the session, appointment of scholarships;
  • The transfer of the contingent to the next course, the graduation of students, with the aim of obtaining the next educational and qualification level, there is an export of the questionnaires of graduates to the AC "Admissions Committee";
  • Continuation of student tickets, formation of a complete set of data for ordering documents about education, including European-style supplements (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) for the Education program;
  • Department of student personnel: contingent orders;
  • Standard forms of reports of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine (including appendices and academic references);
  • Student contracts.

Web Schedule

The Web Schedule allows you to embed the Schedule from the "Dekanat" AS on your own web pages.

The project is optimized for use on high-traffic sites so that listeners and staff can always see their schedule.

The Web Schedule also has the ability to fine-tune the display for an organic look on your site.

It is also possible to create a website with a schedule at the facilities of "NDI PIT", or a portal containing other information about the educational institution. An example of such a portal is the school information space "My Education".

Supplement to the diploma of higher education

The new application provides an opportunity to objectively assess the qualification (degree) of education obtained by a graduate of a higher educational institution.

It contains detailed information about the obtained qualifications and educational achievements of the graduate, necessary to ensure international comprehensibility and recognition of the diploma of higher education received by the graduate. It is issued together with the document on higher education and is an integral part of it.

The application will help you build a great career in leading Ukrainian companies and EU countries!

In order to issue to students the Supplement to the diploma of the European model, educational institutions must carry out a plan of mandatory measures. Technologically, the application design procedure is performed in the Education data collection program.

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Free technical support for users of the ACS "VNOZ" is provided within 12 months after the signing of the contract for the purchase of the program.

Dear users! In connection with the growth of the exchange rate, the cost of technical support will be calculated from the current prices for ACS of the university on the day of the conclusion of the contract.

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