A new version of "Dekanat" AS has been released

WARNING! Importantly! The "Department Load" module and the forms for working with the load quota are disabled in the version. The work of the module and forms will be restored in the next updates

New opportunities for organizing the educational process

– Support of "collective" academic study groups, with students from different curricula and majors/specializations.

– Support for a shifted schedule of the educational process (transfer to the next course in the middle of the academic year).

– The possibility of creating a single RNP for several initial programs of different specialties/specializations/OKR has been added.

– Added a new system role "Educational department" and corresponding opportunities for organizing work with educational programs, curricula and disciplines of free choice.

- From now on, work with plans and educational programs can be organized at the departments responsible for training specialists.

New system modules:

– Educational and professional programs

- Disciplines of students' free choice

- Study plans

- Work study plans

– Analysis of the use of disciplines

- Publications

- Subdivision

Innovations for curricula:

– Connection with the structural and logical scheme of specialist training.

– Planning of possible trajectories and restrictions on the choice of disciplines of the students' free choice.

- The possibility of analyzing the provision of disciplines by hours of independent work of students.

– Electives.

– Planning the educational process in separate periods of the semester.

New module "Subdivision":

The module provides access to up-to-date information on the employees of the unit, and also allows you to organize the maintenance of information necessary for licensing educational activities and fulfilling licensing conditions, in terms of personnel support.

Updated and developed most of the system modules.

During the summer-autumn of 2016, the following changes are planned in the "Dekanat" JSC:

- Transition to a new classifier of fields of knowledge and specialties, work with curricula and questionnaires of future doctors of philosophy.

– Enrollment in subjects of free choice.

– Resumption of work and development of Load modules (disabled in, taking into account "collective" academic groups and groups for studying subjects of free choice.

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